Leroy Tademy Jr.  –  Photographer

As Tademy D&P’s primary photographer, I have been capturing memories through the medium of photography for 3 years. I started as an assistant to my wife’s photography class projects and basically learned through her experiences. I never imagined that we would fall in love with photography like we have, but it continues to be something we enjoy learning together as a family. I enjoy finding new places to shoot…which makes every session like a great adventure! My favorite “type” of photography to shoot is weddings. I love to capturing the emotion and significant importance of weddings, because it is such a special day for the couple and their families. But I love learning and new adventures, so each photography project we work on is always an exciting experience for me! Some of my favorite things to do are go on road trips with my family and watch Dora The Explorer with my daughter (we like to sing and learn Spanish together!) You can e-mail me at leroy@tademydandp.com.




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